What You Need to Know About Airtag Accessories Market?

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If Airtag is Apple’s next billion dollar thing, then what the market size would be for Airtag accessories? You might have heard about Apple’s latest brainwave, the so-called Airtag. If you haven’t heard about this item, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in but, in short, it’s the next big thing in accessories. Basically, it’s a […]

A Guide to Eco Friendly Compostable Cases for Phone Cover Brands

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One of the major themes for both technology and fashion when it comes to design is the concept of sustainability. What does that mean, exactly? Designers and technology specialists are increasingly working together to find ways of building products that are in harmony with the natural environment. This could mean those that use a minimum […]

Custom AirPods Cases for Your Tech Accessories Brand

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According to Business Insider, Apple sold 60 million AirPods earphones in 2019, dominating the wireless earphones market. This has generated huge business opportunities for tech accessories brand to grow further with a new category of AirPods cases. There are many different types of AirPods covers, like silicon cover, leather case, PC or TPU cover etc. […]

Best Selling iPhone Cases in Summer for Phone Case Vendors /Amazon Sellers

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Phone case nowadays is already a staple fashion accessory, just like handbag, sun glasses, jewelry and so forth. With the 2020 summer is coming in the corner, fashion lovers would go for a summery stylish case for their beloved cell phone.  As a cell phone case vendor or reseller on Amazon, are you ready for […]

7 Top Rated UV Light Cell Phone Sanitizer 2020

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Up to 27th March, the total infections by coronavirus (COVID-19) surpassed half a million, with the death toll of over 20000 by now. And the number continues to surge. The pandemic has already affected 175 countries out of the 197 in total since its outbreak in January. When we are worried and anxious about the rapid […]

Best OnePlus Phone Case Selection 2020

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In 2018, OnePlus ranked among the top five on the global premium mobile phone market, and came at the forth in Western Europe. In 2019, the brand’s performance is more eye-catching. It witnessed a growth in US market, surpassed Samsung becoming the first premium brand on India market in terms of market share, leaving Apple […]

Best Slim iPhone 11 pro Max Case for Shine Lovers in 2020

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Well, life can be boring sometimes. Who doesn’t want some shine to cheer us up. I know I do. If you have a shine obsession, love glittering, foil, metallic, holographic, sequin and other prismatic pieces, you are not alone. If we go to Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, we will be happy to find many companions. And […]

Outlook into the Phone Accessories Market 2020

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Mobile phone accessories industry is a vital part behind the mobile economy. It has been on the growing ladder in the past decade and is expected to continue the growth in the upcoming years, rolling out huge market opportunities. To better understand the trend, let’s look at some data first. According to the report on […]

Best Rated iPhone 11 Cases – Abstract Marble Collection

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Note: iPhone 11 has become the second best-selling model in 2019 although it was only launched in September, (iPhone XR was the top-selling one.) According to counterpoint Research’s ‘Market Pulse’. Read more about this on Business Standard. Marble is always trendy in fashion.Its elegant and modern look has inspired so many designers creating stunning designs. […]