3-in-1 — When The iPhone Case Has A Wallet

custom iphone case with wallet

How many times you have encountered that you need to go out with your phone and wallet to grap a lunch or coffee. And there is no pocket on you to hold any or all of that, you feel so annoyed having to hold a phone and bulky wallet in your hand. Sometimes you just take one single card with you, and you bear this huge burden that you might accidently drop the card.

Now with this awesom hybrid case, you’ve got everything covered. This iPhone X case is with an attached card holder, enough to hold 3-4 cards. And it has a removable wrist band attached to free your hands. Imagine whenever you want a light out, all you need to carry is to hang this case on your wrist, and you are good to go.

What even more lovable is that this wallet case also has a grip band which can also be used as a phone stand, making it much more comfortable to watch video or do video talk.

For one case, you can save a wallet and a phone grip. How Cool! It is undoutedly the must-have for people who are constantly on the go.

The case comes in 8 colors. And welcome custom orders.

custom iphone case with wallet

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