5 Reasons Laptop Users Need to Get This Stand for Desk

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Technology has transformed our lives, the way we live, work, and connect with people. And just everything else, it comes with both pros and cons. On the one hand, we enjoy more convenience and freedom from it, on the other hand,work pressure is getting heavier, time is becoming more fragmented, and communication between people is increasingly dependent on screens.

There are more franlancers than ever who just need a laptop to support their lives; there are more travelers than ever who are always flying and on business trips in this deeply connected world; And there are more urban people than ever who have to work extra hours at home at night and weekends. You see people with a laptop working everywhere in the hotel lobby, on the plane, in a cafe, even on the bed.

Accordingly, we have a drastically increasing number of people who have neck and shoulder and even back related pain resulting from bad postureof using laptop and tablets. Yes, not only our eyes may get hurt from those screens, our whole body may endure pressure from it.

While electronics devices are the new life routine that we can’t keep a distance from, some auxiliary items can help us keep a distancein the right wayliterally. Today we recommend a great one for you – The Minimal Style Laptop Stand for Desk.

And here are 5 reasons you must get this functional but also chic stand.

First, as a stand, it raises up the laptop in a certain angle, so the user can work more comfortably on it. Acoording to health experts, the suggested angle is that the focus of the screen should be at your eye level(at the same height). This stand is adjustable in two angles. You can choose the one you find most comfortable with.

Second, it is portable and foldable, easy to carry around. And this is very essential considering many people constantly carry their laptop around to different places to work.

Third, it is light-wight, friendly for women and petite. After all, we already need to bear the weight of the laptop, who want to carry another bulky heavy thing that can’t even fit in our bags. And with this super slim stand, it is easy as a breeze. Can you imagine the thickness of it is the same as a coin? While it is slim, it is firm and steady, no compromise of a stand at all.

laptop stand for desk pink

Forth, it is very easy to set up. There are four removable and reusable nano glue pad, just peel off and stick and you are good to go. And it helps cool the laptop from long-time use heat.

Fifth, while it is a practical item, the minimal design is also chic. It is a good modern look compliment to the laptop. It is made of faux leather (the exterior material) it comes in 3 classic colors: pink, grey and navy.

This is a wholesale only product. If you are interested, just send us an enquiry and we can send out samples.

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