Best OnePlus Phone Case Selection 2020

best seller oneplus phone case

In 2018, OnePlus ranked among the top five on the global premium mobile phone market, and came at the forth in Western Europe.

In 2019, the brand’s performance is more eye-catching. It witnessed a growth in US market, surpassed Samsung becoming the first premium brand on India market in terms of market share, leaving Apple ranked the third.

There is no doubt that we need to give credit to OnePlus for gaining its reputation from a humble beginning in this fiercely competitive smartphone filed, particularly considering the powerful player like Apple and Samsung.

From what we can expect, the brand’s value-first and Never Settle philosophy will support the brand go further and higher.

So far the market has responded very well for its new 7 Pro and 7T series. And the 7T Pro could be another breakthrough flagship for this young brand.

With the brand’s exciting performance of shipments, the related phone accessories market is projected to grow as well.

To meet this need, today we select some of our most popular OnePlus phone cases for your outlook into building the future product portfolios in the upcoming 2 years.

oneplus phone case 7t / 7pro

Top Seller – Silicone Case

This ultra slim silicone case is with super smooth touch and high protection feature. It comes in 6 beautiful bright colors, especially stunning for spring and summer time. Compatible models include OnePlus 7T / 7 Pro / 7 / 6T / 6.

oneplus 7 pro ultra slim case

Tempered Glass Hybrid Case

This slim and shine case is made of durable tempered glass and soft TPU offering a dazzling look with the stylish print. The bumper is shock absorbent and the cover supports wireless charge. There are five gorgeous patterns for option; compatible for 7 & 7 Pro.

oneplus silicone color contrast case-7-pro-6-6t

Frosted & Translucent Case

This design is very popular with its minimal elegance integrated with eye-catching contrast color, creating a unique vibrant look. It is suitable for a wide range of customer groups like men and women, young students, people working in professional area and so forth. It applies to OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7T, 7 Pro.

oneplus 7 / 7 pro / 7t rugged case

Fashion-forward Armor Case

This is a light armor design with tough protective feature. It has the built-in mount ring stand for versatile use.The burgundy red is so vivid and the rim in different colors like black and navy creating a bold and brisk look. There is silver-tone and black-tone mount for option. It is compatible for 6T and 7.

oneplus 7t cover, neon green

Honeycomb Rugged Case

This model is inspired by the honeycomb which is known as one of the strongest structure from the nature in the world. This is a rugged case with built-in corner aribag protecting the phone from drop damages. The cover comes in multiple colors and this neon is the most popular one among millennials.

oneplus 7 pro case with mount ring stand

Tough Armor Case

This is another rugged armor case for 7 Pro with strong features of protection. What the customers love about the case is that it is tough but also slim. That’s understandable. No one likes the chuncky cover any more. And the cover’s built-in mount ring makes another attractive point for consumers. It can also be used as a phone grip and stand.

best seller oneplus 7t case

Hot Sheer Case

This is a simple design sheer case with colourful rim for OnePlus 7T. The seperate frontal bumper ensures enhanced safety of the screen when accidental drops happen. The bumper is made of soft TPU which is shock absorbent. We offer 12 colors for customers’ personalized needs. 

oneplus 7t pro case

Clear Case for 7T Pro

This clear case combines simplicity and a young vibe touch with the colored bumper that is soft and shock absorbent. Raised lip offers high protection of the screen and camera. The matt clear body can perfectly showcase the original color of the phone. 5 colors for choice and compatible for 7T Pro. 

oneplus 7t pro wallet case

Leather Wallet Case

Let’s face it. Wallet case is never outdated for its high practical functionality. When people are constantly on the go nowadays, like go grab a coffee, walk the dog, go to a casual cocktail party etc., who would want to carry a chunky wallet and a phone when you don’t even carry a bag and don’t have enough pockets on you. A wallet phone case saves all the trouble. This style is made of high quality eco leather in 6 colors. Compatible for 7T / 7 Pro / 6T & 6. 

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