Best Seller – Versatile Desktop Cell Phone Holder

wholesale mobile phone holder for desktop

Cell phone is the close companion to us nowadays. We use it as a media, a TV, a camera, a theater, a laptop for news, entertainment, social, presentation and more. It is involved in pretty much every part of our lives. 

So we definately want the best experience when using it. We want to enjoy it in a more comfortable and healthy way. no super-close to the screen that would hurt our eyes, or twisted position that hurt our neck. That’s how a cell holder is adored. Particularly this clamp style holder breaks all the rules. You can clamp it anywhere you want and adjust the height to the most confortable angle. 

Imagine you are working on your computer, put the holder aside with your phone, you can watch the two screens at the same time; or use it for a presentation at a meeting, how cool would that be!It comes with 4 colors, brightful blue and pink, classic white and black. 

This is a wholesale product, we offer competitive price and accept mixed order. Minimum quantity is only 30 units.Just within a short time after it was launched, it has become a top seller. Click this link to view more details.

If you are interested to add this cool product into your shop portfolio, talk to us now. Sample cost is at flat wholesale price. 

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