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iPhone Xs Max is my favorite models of all iPhone series. Besides the functionality,the layout of the camera at the back side looks simply elegant. With a beautiful phone case, it will flatter the beauty even more.

We selected a few best sellers of the iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max cases based on our clients’ feedback and the total sales quantity for your reference.

These are hybrid case, combining PC, TPU and aluminum alloy pad. All together, it offers 360° protection of the screen, the 4 angles, the camera and the whole body of the phone. The pattern is printed on the aluminum pad with an anti-color fading layer after the print, ensuring a permanent durable look.

There are different designs, cute, aesthetic, fashion, modern and so on, giving your customers more options to meet their personalized needs. We have surfficient stock for direct wholesale orders.

We are a phone case manufacturer. And accept custom orders of this model only for a minimum quantity of 50 units. Click to view more product details of the case.

The above styles have sizes compatible for all iPhones: iPhone 6/6s/6P; 7/8; 7P/8P; X/XR/Xs Max; 11/pro/Pro Max ; SE 2. And there are more designs available.

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