Best Slim iPhone 11 pro Max Case for Shine Lovers in 2020

best slim iphone 11 pro max case

Well, life can be boring sometimes. Who doesn’t want some shine to cheer us up. I know I do. If you have a shine obsession, love glittering, foil, metallic, holographic, sequin and other prismatic pieces, you are not alone. If we go to Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, we will be happy to find many companions.

And don’t forget, some fashion brands and designers also understand us and focus on giving exactly what we want.

That’s how we launch this Daily Shine collection as we want you to shine from the crowd and shine your mood with beautiful designs and colors.

This range features high quality hybrid case in dazzling iridescent colors. As shown in the picture, you can definitely feel the color shine with light. We roll out 9 colors in total; each has multidimensional color shades, giving the total bold look an upbeat vibe. It’s not gaudy like some bling shine pieces, but high-class shimmering suitable for daily fashion style. And the different colors are so versatile for personalized needs. No matter it is the soft blue and pink combination, sea reflection blue or the bold neon orange, you will find your statement.

We adopt high technique into the production of the case: IMD to ensure the permanent color, no fading compromise with time; air cushion at the four corners of the case for shock absorbent purpose; and raised lip for protection of the screen and camera from bumps and drops. We did 6 feet drops of the case, and it is absolutely intact. Despite that it is a highly protective case, it is slim and light-weight. If we can integrate protection and fashion in one case, why not?!

Compatible models of this collection include: iPhone 11, 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max; Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20 Plus, S20 Ultra.

best iphone 11 pro max case 2020

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