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7 Top Rated UV Light Cell Phone Sanitizer 2020

smartphone sterilizer

Up to 27th March, the total infections by coronavirus (COVID-19) surpassed half a million, with the death toll of over 20000 by now. And the number continues to surge. The pandemic has already affected 175 countries out of the 197 in total since its outbreak in January. When we are worried and anxious about the rapid […]

The Game Changing Device – Wireless Charger

wholesale wireless charging pad

It is a privilege living in the modern world. Technologh undoutedly upgrads our life in a dramatic way. We feel exited whenever there is a new breakthrough. Wireless charger is a latest one. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by all sorts electronic devices, even just for phones, we might have more than one. […]

When Tech Meets Fashion – Jewelry Bracelet Apple Watch Bands

apple watch band wholesale

It’s never been more fascinating than the integration of tech & fashion. And it is so true in terms of watch. While we love the functionality of smart watch, we can’t live without fashion. As it is said, fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. And a fashion wristband for a […]

The Summer Collection – Floral Wonderland iPhone Xs Max

iphone xs max phone case, glittering, floral

Note: This summer styleiPhone Xs Max Case is also available for some other iPhone models. Phone case is more and more going beyond a protection cover and become an important fashion accessory like bags, sunglasses, and a very personalized statement. With the summer season coming, beautiful fresh cases are the best sellers now. This floral […]

Best Seller-iPhone X Series Cases

iphone case - wholesale

iPhone Xs Max is my favorite models of all iPhone series. Besides the functionality,the layout of the camera at the back side looks simply elegant. With a beautiful phone case, it will flatter the beauty even more. We selected a few best sellers of the iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max cases based on our clients’ feedback and […]

Hot Trend- Flamingo Laptop Cases

wholesale macbook pro / air cases

Laptop cases are not just covers to protect the laptop, but more a fashion accessory for a personal statement. The style of the case you choose says a lot about your personality, hobby, lifestyle, taste and more. It is a daily item that you use so often that there could be an emotional connection. So […]

Best Seller- The Glitter Stellar iPhone Case

iphone 8 plus case, wholesale

Note: This glitter iPhone case is also available for iPhone SE 2 (2020). Who has the starry night fantasy? Well, I know a lot of people do. The mysterious night sky with beautiful half-moon and numerous sparkling stars is like the pure dream we adore and cherish since a child. This phone case is inspired […]