The Summer Collection – Floral Wonderland iPhone Xs Max

iphone xs max phone case, glittering, floral
Note: This summer styleiPhone Xs Max Case is also available for some other iPhone models.

Phone case is more and more going beyond a protection cover and become an important fashion accessory like bags, sunglasses, and a very personalized statement. With the summer season coming, beautiful fresh cases are the best sellers now.

This floral wonderland Collection is a new top seller on the premium case list. It is a hybrid and highly protective case made ofPC and TPU with a separable frontal bumper providing touch protection of the screen.

The collection comes in 10 beautiful glittering patterns, compatible for iPhone Xs Max, XR, X. MOQ for wholesale order is 100 units; and welcome custom orders for private label phone case brands.

Glittering Floral iPhone Case for A Romantic Summer

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