Hot Trend- Flamingo Laptop Cases

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Laptop cases are not just covers to protect the laptop, but more a fashion accessory for a personal statement. The style of the case you choose says a lot about your personality, hobby, lifestyle, taste and more. It is a daily item that you use so often that there could be an emotional connection.

So more and more customers, particularly young female customers opt for a laptop cover to send a message or just for fun and delight.

When it comes to trend, we can’t help notice that flamingo has made a major come back. You can see it basically anywhere. On Instagram, the #flamingo topic has more than 3 million posts.

Flamingo is also a muse in the fashion world. Even some luxury brands have had some launches with this creature on.

Inspired by this iconic beautiy, we have launched our Flamingo Macbook Cases. They have become hot sales immediately. Compatible models include all MacBook models and size: pro & air, 11″ 13″ & 15″.

Bring this beautiful collection to your customers. They will fall in love with it.

We welcome both wholesale & custom orders. Only small minimum requiredforcustom orders for private label.

We have hundreds of beautiful designs for Macbook cases. Please contact for more info.

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