What You Need to Know About Airtag Accessories Market?

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If Airtag is Apple’s next billion dollar thing, then what the market size would be for Airtag accessories?

You might have heard about Apple’s latest brainwave, the so-called Airtag. If you haven’t heard about this item, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in but, in short, it’s the next big thing in accessories.

Basically, it’s a tag that you can attach to an item to keep track of it and help you find it using an app if you need to do so. They’re tiny little buttons that you can put in a case or holder and attach it belongings that you would like to protect.

Given this design, it unleashes huge opportunities for the design of the Airtag holders. Apple is selling genuine leather Airtag cases with keyring or loop. They even collaborate with the luxury brand Hermes for premium holders.

Airtag holders are a new great opportunity for tech accessories retailers. Consumers would want their tech gadgets more personalized, or more chic. And companies would want to put their name on the case as free branding opportunities. Needless to say, the small cases are a cost-effective corporate gift, or event giveaways.

With a bit of creativity, Airtag case can be your tool to surprise your clients or customers.

Here are the opportunities you need to consider customized or branded Airtag accessories, mainly its holders.


If you work in the tech space in any regard, getting customized Airtags as a way to brand your company and get the word out among your niche is a genius idea.

Not only are the tech-savvy the target consumer for this product, but people in that industry are likely to use them as well. Plus, Apple users tend to buy more accessories than other smartphone brands. If you want to get your name out, think about the branding opportunities that Airtag cases can bring for your firm.

Swag and Promotional Items

Every year, companies like to give away free items to consumers as a promotional offer or as part of a purchase. Wholesale Airtag cases are a great promotional item for companies that specialize in tech services and, as described above, offer a range of branding opportunities. Far superior to the traditional t-shirt or water bottle, an Airtag case is a subtle way to insinuate your brand into the consumer’s conscious. And it is quite cost-effective compared to other giveaway items.

Conference & Event Giveaways

For most conferences and events, the organizer gives away free goodies with flyers. Branded airtag cases are great options here. Small, compact, and immediately useful for owners of an Airtag, these cases are sure to be a hit and demonstrate that a firm is on the cutting-edge of tech trends. While they are effective on branding, it doesn’t compromise on being budget-friendly.

A New Income Stream for Fashion Brands, Tech Accessories Retailers, Gift Shops, Pet Supplies

Selling your own customized Airtags incorporates all of the above plus a little bit of a revenue stream for you.

Industry experts presume that Airtag could be the next big thing for Apple. According to an article on Forbes,

“AirTags Are Apple’s Next Billion Dollar Business” . So how shall we predict the market size of the related accessories of this hot tech gadget.

And unlike cases for smart phone, tablet, earbuds, there won’t be radical update of the shape of the already simple button shape. This means Airtag holders are relevant for  long time giving your retail inventory a longer shelflife than other tech gadget cases which can quickly fall out of popularity as models age.

Currently on the market, Airtag cases are mainly made out of real leather, faux leather, silicone, and metal. They are all with key rings, loops or other types of carabiners.

But when it comes to customized styles, there is no limit of the material and the design. You only need to lock down a reliable factory supplier of the cases to make your Airtag holder ideas real.

Or you can directly buy in bulk the existing styles from the wholesale suppliers to test the market first and collect feedback and data, then you can update the designs accordingly, so you can always be close to the actual demands of your customers.

As the leading tech accessories manufacturer, LovingCase provides OEM, ODM and OBM services for airtag cases.

We have cowhide leather, vegan leather, silicone, and stainless alloy styles of Airtag holders in stock for bulk wholesale.

Vegan Leather Airtag Case with Keychain
Vegan Leather Case with Loop

And customized designs only requires small minimum quantity. Lead time for sample or bulk order production could be within 5 days with our current production capacity.

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