Will The iPhone SE 2 2020 Be A New Hit?

iphone SE 2020

Apple announced its new iPhone SE, the most affordable iPhone ever on April 15th . The new phone accepts pre-order from 17th April and will be officially to buy from Apple’s website, authorized resellers and carriers on 24th.

The starting price of iPhone SE 2020 is set only at $399 for the 64 GB model; and the price for the 128GB and 256GB options is respectively $449 and $549. There is no doubt that the price is very attractive for budget buyers.

So will this new SE become a hit for Apple as they expect? Besides price, let’s have a look at the design and tech specs first before we jump to any conclusion. After all, it is incredibly fierce competition for smartphone market out there. And eventually, to win the consumers’ hearts, it is the combination of brand, price and product, not only price and brand. The first generation iPhone SE failing to make a splash is a good lesson.

The Design of The iPhone SE 2020

According to Apple, the new SE features the popular 4.7 inch Retina HD display and comes in 3 classic colors: white, black and red. This is a plus point for small screen lovers.

iPhone SE 2020

Image from Apple.com

Also, unlike the iPhone X and 11 range, the new iPhone SE is TouchID-equipped. While the Face ID is pretty cool, there will always be a group of customers feel more comfortable about Touch ID. And according to some tech reviewers, Touch ID is actually slightly faster than the Face ID to unlock your screen.

And let’s do not forget the home button. I’m sure quite a few customers miss the amiable button since the birth of full-screen smartphone.

The Performance Aspect of iPhone SE 2020

The highlight of the new SE is surely the processor, A13 Bionic chip used in the high-end iPhone 11 range. It is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and would be 40% faster than the iPhone8’s processor according to Apple.

What about Camera? We know how important it is nowadays to have a powerful camera built in our phone.

Although SE 2020 does not have multiple lens, it features the best single camera system. The highlight is the powerful portrait feature supported by f/1.8 aperture camera and A13 Bionic powered computational photography traits.

Not only the rear camera, the front one also takes impressive portrait photos.

Considering the selfie and social media mania going on nowadays, many will not resist such an affordable phone with this type of camera feature.

As for video taking, the feature I love the most is native editing. Short videos are taking over the social media. It is inevitable that customers are longing for easier ways to take and edit videos. And Apple understands that. They expand native editing from photos to videos, making our lives easier.  

iPhone SE 2020 supports wireless charging and fast charging. It takes 30 minutes to charge up to 50%. And with the A13 processor, we may expect a better battery life than iPhone 7 and 8.

Another worth mentioning point is the dual SIM system iPhone SE equipped. It is certainly a very practical feature for some business people and constant travelers who sometimes need two phone numbers. It is always much easier to carry just one phone device, isn’t it?

So in all, back to the question, I believe the answer is yes. iPhone SE 2020 is a good budget choice of a smartphone with nice design, high performance and quite affordable price.

This new iPhone is Apple’s move to compete on the new rising markets, particularly some South-East Asian country market and India market; and a melt-out way to go through the current hard economic times resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic and win a better share on the mass market.

I can’t help thinking that if without the epidemic effects, would Apple still set the price at this level for SE? We may not know the answer, but we can say that customers are winners with this new iPhone SE 2.

If you are in the phone accessories business, how could you prepare for the opportunity? Well, among all the related gadgets, we believe iPhone SE 2 case will be in high demand soon. So get ready for that.

Some iPhone SE 2 cases options: (photos below are in iPhone 11 and X model, but SE option available)

Hybrid Hard iPhone Case with Shockproof Feature

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We strongly recommend this marble range iPhone case. Not only they are the best seller in the past few month, but also they received the best reviews from our retailer clients’ customers. The photo we took could not reflect the real beauty and the premium quality of the product in real.

The best selling model for this case is iPhone 11, pro and pro max. Now with the iPhone SE 2 rolling on the market, we can expect it to be the second best selling, surpassing iPhone XR.

TPU Softshell iPhone case with HD fashion Print

(hundreds of pattern styles for option.)

Color Fun Rugged Hard Case for all iPhone Models

This range is super vibrant and highly protective; very popular among young customers. If your shop is targeting a young group of customers, like the millennial, the Y and Z generation, this is the case you don’t want to miss.

Shockproof iPhone Case with Built-in Stand

Do your customers love the minimal design in solid color and high protection feature? Do your customers favor a two-in-one case with the built-in mount for the car and phone ring stand for video talk and TV watching? If so, you’ve come to the right model. Its reliable engineering incorporated design and the high quality in good faith and very competitive pricehave won the range numerous five-star reviews since its launching.

Rugged Hard iPhone Case with Clear Bumper

This new range features strong but slim case body, vivid IMD print that never fades with time. The patterns we choose are refreshing for the Spring and summer season. Your customers will love the quality and look of it. You are welcome to ask for sample to check the quality. You will not be disappointed.

Again like other ranges, this rang of case is available in all the iPhone models including iPhone SE 2 and some Samsung ones.

Note: Please be noted that LovingCase is a phone case supplier and these phone cases are for wholesale and custom orders only.

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