Portable UV sanitizer products have been popular on the market due to the pandemic with increasing awareness of sanitization. Phone UV sanitizer box has been one of the hottest categories driven by customers’ increased awareness of bacteria and virus on the mobile. The market size of UV sanitizing equipment is projected to hit $5.3 billion by 2025. LOVINGCASE is one of the leading wholesale supplier of cell phone UV sanitization box / wand. 

The product also makes a perfect corporate gift for employee, clients for conference giveaways. 

We accept adding private label with small minimum quantity required. 

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Top Rated Models                                                 for Wholesale & Custom

All models below accept both direct wholesale orders and custom orders of adding your private label (Lead Time: 3-10 days). Click the button below to send an inquiry on your favorite one.

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Watch & Airpods UV Sanitizer

Model No.: UVC019


  • Minimal modern style in premium look;
  • UVC LED beads & reflector on top lid for enhanced and fast sanitizing;
  • UVC Light Wavelengh (265-270nm)
  • Suitable for sunglasses, jewelry, airpods and more ( not for cell phone).
  • Color: White / Black
  • Disinfection Time: 8 minutes 
  • MOQ: 50 units;      MOQ for Adding Private Label: 500 Units
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UV Phone Sanitizer Box

Model No.: UVC015


  • Minimal cute style;
  • Automatic feature with voice message when disinfection completed;
  • UVC Light Wavelengh 253.7nm
  • Aromatherapy Feature
  • Compatible for phones up to 6.8 inch
  • Color: White / Blue
  • Disinfection Time: 5 / 8 minutes 
  • MOQ: 50 units;      MOQ for Adding Private Label: 1000 Units
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More Popular Models

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uv cell phone sanitizer box

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

Model No.: UVC021

  • Support QI 10w (Max) charging;
  • 5 / 8 minutes disinfection;
  • Compatible for all phones (6.8″)
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uv phone sanitizer best

UV-c Sterilizer Box 

Model No.: UVC025

  • Light Lux elegant look;
  • More spacious than normal UV sanitizer box
  • Enhanced disinfection effects
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UV Sanitizer Bag Large

Model.No.: UVC031

  • Eco-friendly design using fabric
  • Compatible for Kindle, 7.9″-10″ iPad 
  • 10 minutes disinfection 
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Why UV Disinfection

UV-c light has proven effects of disinfection. It has been adopted in hospital equipment to eliminate pathogens, dish cabinet for restaurants, water and air purifying devices etc. to kill germs. 

Scientifically Effective

Ultraviolet technology is scientifically proven effective to destroy the DNA structure germs, thus kill the virus and bacteria. Lab results show UV light kill up to 99.99% germs. 

Cell Phone Is A Germ House

Research reports that our phone carries 10 times more bacteria than a public toilet. It needs sterilization more than any other daily used items. 

Simple & Fast Sanitizing 

No chemicals  involved. And it normally takes only 5-10 minutes to sanitize. It is a worthy investment to help stay healthy. 

One Machine, Multi Use

UV sanitizer box and wand can be used to disinfect cell phone, iPad, kindle, airpods, keys, glasses, keys and more frequently-touched items. 

Customers are lovin’ it

The above models have received many positive reviews.

Our clients’ customers love it. 

A must have during pandemic. Fits my iPhone 11pro Max just fine. 

Like this overall. Wireless charging is a plus although haven’t used it a lot. 

I bought it for my mum. She uses it twice a week and is happy about it so far. 

The UV wand is cute. I use it everyday to disinfect my phone, kindle and feel safe this way. 

Bought the white one. Simple to use, only takes a couple of minutes; but I feel safe afterwards. Could get addicted to it. 

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