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— Bulk Custom Phone Holder

A stable and competitive supply chain is one of the key pillars to the success of your brand or retailing business. As a leading phone case manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China, LovingCase combines professionalism, flexibility and efficiency to help transfer your ideas / designs into amazing products. 

There are many different types of phone case materials / styles. Below are a few popular ones on the market. For other cell phone brands or styles, please just reach us at: support@lovingcase.com

Hybrid Phone Cases with Sublimation Print

3D Sublimation Print Hard Phone Cases

Tough 3D Printed Double-shell Snap Phone Case

Printed Tempered Glass Phone Cases

Water-transfer 3D Print Phone Cases

Glitter Rhinestone Phone Cases

Flowing Liquid Sand / Glittering / Snowflake / Gelly Cases

Soft TPU Phone Cases with Printed Pattern

Epoxy Gel Phone Cases with Printed Pattern / Real Flowers

Eco-friendly Compostable Phone Cases with Engraved Pattern

Eco-friendly Compostable Phone Cases with Printed Pattern

Folio Leather Wallet Phone Case

Leather Phone Cases with Card Pocket

Premium Genuine Leather Phone Cases

Real Wood Panel / Bamboo Phone Cases with Engraved Pattern

Other Specs

The production process for bulk customized cases is easy. After you settle down the designs and phone sizes, we will usually make a mockup for you. And after the confirmation of mockup, we will start making the sample. And only with your confirmation of the samples, we start manufacturing of the bulk order. 

Price: quoted based on order details 

Custom Sample Time: around 5 days 

Package: OPP bag ( default ) / boxed package / custom package 

Custom Bulk Order Lead Time: 5-15 days (depending on the design and quantity) 

Shipping: express / standard air shipping / sea shipping 

Extra: bulk customize cases in a new structure (needs to open new mold) accepted

Best-in-class support

We have custom cell phone, Airpods, iPad, laptop cases for brands and retailers in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Australia and more for almost a decade now. Let us help you make your creative phone case ideas come true.


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